How Soon can I Call you?

It is never too early to start planning and even scheduling the newborn session!! Ideally we would recommend that you start planning for your Newborn Session at the same time that you start planning for your Maternity Session, normally during the last trimester. However time often escapes you when you are pregnant and scheduling your newborn session is not always at the top of the list.

We recommend that you contact us at least a month ahead of your expected delivery date, to reserve a tentative spot on our calendar. While we can never be sure when delivery is actually going to happen, unless a delivery date is a planned and is a set event, baby is going to arrive when it is ready. We are prepared for this and work with you to “save the date” on our calendar by offering flexibility with the actual day. We adjust the date of your session after baby arrives and you are out of the hospital.

In addition to our flexibility with the day of the shoot, we remind you that baby’s newborn session should take place soon after birth, approximately at 10 days old. We highly recommend having your newborn session between day 5-10 as baby is still very sleepy and handles being wrapped and posed much more agreeably. Baby becomes more alert and less cooperative after this point, mostly due to discomfort related to sleep schedule and gastrointestinal aches. Nevertheless, we have a lot of experience with handling babies that are more alert and sometimes even cranky, and we assure you that we are prepared for this as well. Check out our “Welcome to the Jungle” blog :)