Matching your Home Style to Your Portrait Style

An important part of planning for your session is making sure that the style of the images matches your style, the way that you want to showcase yourself or your family, but also the way that you want your home to look. Why is that important? Well because the end result of the photo shoot, the product that you are creating is going to be displayed in your home, on the wall, in a frame or in some form of a space that you consider an extension of you.

It is my job as your photographer to ask you to take under consideration in your planning, the style of the images that you would like to see displayed in your home, and choosing the photographer that best matches your style.

While finding a photographer whose images you like or feel connected to the most is essential, so is the need to communicate your ideas and vision to the photographer, so they know how to better design your session, and how to better capture your vision for you.

Oshi Medlin Photography has over 20 years of experience in studio photography capturing visions just like yours, and each vision is a story that we must create together with you as the star. We will have you complete a pre-session questionnaire as well as have several conversations prior to your session during which we will discuss and review the details that will help us create images that not only represent who YOU are the best, but also help us create those images that you will proudly showcase on your wall (virtual or physical).

While 1:1 sessions are available on a limited availability, our main focus is maternity and newborn sessions that may include family portraits if you choose such package. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to schedule your photography session.