Finding the ‘Right” Outfit Can Be Stressful…

When we want to look our best we often second guess how we look, even in our best outfit ever! Thinking about what you should wear to your photo shoot can add to your stress, but rest assured, communicating with your photographer your ideas can help reduce your stress if not eliminate it!

A trained photographer would tell you what you should consider and what you should avoid, in order to achieve the “look” that you are going for.

Oshi Medlin Photography is dedicated to creating the most appealing, striking and beautiful images of you! We believe in simplicity and a clean look, and recommend our clients to keep things simple. By simple we mean, wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in, wear colors that you love seeing yourself in.

We also find that basic colors work amazingly in headshots and family portraits and we recommend color coordinating if multiple people are going to be in the picture together. It adds simplicity and draws the attention to YOU or your baby instead of being distracted by a phrase on a t-shirt, for example.

Keeping your outfit simple also allows opportunity for dressing it up by adding a bold piece of jewelry or a pop of color!! Making it fun is what it is all about, and we do want you to have as much fun as possible while working with us.

Something that you will never have to do is pick an outfit for your newborn. We got you covered there!! We offer a wide variety of props designed specifically for newborn use and we can say with much confidence that whatever outfit you choose for yourself, we will coordinate baby to match the look and the feel of that, so let’s talk about your ideas, your vision and your chosen outfit and start planning for your session with us today!