The worst thing ever……

NOT! Babies get cranky at home, all day, so why should we expect them to be any different in a strange place like a photography studio?

Thankfully. Your photographer most likely has the skill set and experience to handle such situations and make the most out of any circumstance in the studio!!

Many techniques are used in order to make baby comfortable and ready for picture taking, and some of them even start before you even set foot at the studio. For example, a detailed instruction sheet 9a "Preparedness" document) will be sent to you prior to your booked session, which will outline step by step preparation for the day of the shoot. If you like a peek at what that information looks like, contact us and we will gladly email it to you today.

Once in the studio, we will maintain an optimal temperature for baby, and although it may feel a bit warm for you, baby is going to spend the majority of the time naked (or with only a diaper) and keeping him/her warm and comfortable is our number one priority.

Once baby is fed and changed, they tend to get very sleepy and calm. This magical time may not last long, but a trained photographer knows these valuable opportunities and will be able to capture these precious images whenever possible. We often work fast around those moments and capture a combination of awake and asleep shots, depending on baby's cooperation.

It is important to remember that not all newborn sessions are alike and we truly work around what baby is allowing us to do. We may have an idea of what poses we would like to use, or what outfits would be nice to use, but even at 1 week old baby is often very clear with what they like and do not like. Be prepared to see a version of your baby which you have not seen before, as baby communicates their feelings with us on shooting day.

Our top priority is keeping baby happy and safe, and by doing so we may omit a pose or a "look" and even may alter the feeding and changing pattern of baby as we accommodate for his/her immediate needs.

Sometimes cranky baby makes mom/dad stressed out, but remember that baby often feeds off of your energy and staying calm has a very positive effect on baby as well. Calmness and patience are a must haves with any Newborn Photo Session.

Each session is truly a unique experience of creation, making each newborn image truly one of a kind. This is often the reason why no photographer could replicate another image perfectly, due to the characteristics and temperament of each baby. Rest assured that every effort will be made to meet your expectations in the process of capturing your newborn's images.