Handle With Care…

Preparing for any session is part of the deal, and involves cleaning the entire area and sanitizing the studio in preparation for the next session. In addition, preparing for the newborn session at the day of the shoot means that our home studio is being climatized to a soothing temperature for baby.

While we try to keep the temperature consistent throughout the session, it often tends to rise during the photo shoot, mainly due to increased occupancy in the studio area and the heat generated by the studio lights and equipment. To accommodate for that we usually circulate the air as needed depending on baby’s comfort level.

Baby is calmer and more compliant when comfortable, so this is our top priority!

When you and baby arrive at the studio, be prepared for us to take over the handling of baby. We will gently place him/her in the posing area and begin transitioning baby into the outfits and positions that are to become the final images.

This is sometimes a slow process, one which is done in small steps, in order to maintain baby’s comfort and safety. Small changes, small turns will help keep baby sleepy and happy.

Oshi Medlin is an experienced photographer and is very skilled with handling newborns, but she is also a state licensed Registered Nurse with over 2 decades of clinical experience!

Rest assured that the careful and safe handling of your baby is our top priority!

Nevertheless, nothing compares to mom's touch and comfort and as needed we will utilize mom to comfort baby and feed throughout the session. Be prepared for increased alertness of baby while in the studio. This is a new experience and new environment for little one and it is sure to create unexpected behavior. While here baby will be handled more frequently, combined with the elevated temperatures create an increase in hunger which we will address by feeding baby as frequently as needed regardless of prior feeding patterns.