Scheduling the Best Time for Your Session

Here at Oshi Medlin Photography studio we want to make sure that your session time is the right time for you and your baby! Only YOU know the daily routine of your newborn baby and only YOU know when baby is more likely to be calm and potentially sleepy.

It is essential that you communicate this information with your photographer when booking your photo session or if you forgot to do so at the time of booking, you may still communicate this information with us when we send you your Pre-Session Questionnaire link or via our Contact Form feature on our site.

As discussed in our other blogs ( such as "Welcome to The Jungle") baby's cooperation at the time of the session is dependent on many physical and emotional as well as environmental factors. It is our top priority to make sure that baby is happy because it would dramatically improve our chances of getting through the session with baby cooperating. Many times the defining factor is getting baby out of the house and into the studio at the right time of day.

If baby is used to napping in a certain hour every day, it is important to work the schedule around that. Talk to your photographer and make sure that baby's nap time and feeding schedule are shared with them before the session day. In many cases the session time can be tweaked to better suit baby's nap-feeding schedule.